As the following testimonials affirm, I enjoy editing all genres, including

  • Literary / Mainstream Fiction
  • Biography / Memoir
  • Speculative Fiction / Horror / Sci-fi
  • Screenwriting / Reference
  • Inspirational / Self-help
  • Psychological Thriller / Mystery / Suspense
“Karl has been an extraordinary collaborator. His positive attitude, deep understanding of the mechanics of editing, and commitment to keeping the author’s voice intact made the editorial ride smooth and enjoyable. I recommend Karl to any writer seeking a highly qualified editor.”
–BRIAN MORELAND, author of Shadows in the Mist, Berkley/Penguin, awarded Best Horror Novel of 2007 by the Independent Publishers Group
“After giving samples of my text to six editors, I selected Karl Monger, who returned the smartest suggestions.  He has an excellent feel for the sound of language. Working with him was a pleasure because he was very professional and seemed sincerely interested in the project. I look forward to hiring him to edit my next book.”
–KATHRYN M. RUDY, co-author of Weaving, Veiling and Dressing: Textiles and Their Metaphors in the Late Middle Ages, Brepols Publishers
“Karl has been an invaluable lifeline in the process of bringing REEL PEOPLE to publication. He is professional, accurate, quick, meticulous, and inspired. Our trust in Karl’s expertise is something for which we consider ourselves very fortunate writers.
–HOWARD M. GLUSS and SCOTT EDWARD SMITH, authors of REEL PEOPLE: Finding Ourselves in the Movies, Keylight Company
“I looked around for editors, comparing prices and asking for samples, when I found Karl. To be honest, his rates were not among the lowest. But I discovered in him a rare talent for finding my voice and delivering a veritable upgrade of my work and decided to go with him. He has edited my last two books, and I consider him not only a consummate professional, but also a friend.”
–BROC SMITH, author of 88 Pieces or the World’s Largest Dinosaur and The Tragic Kingdom
“Karl is more than an editor; he is an effective coach who will establish a genuine working relationship with the author and turn his manuscript into professional copy.  From details like refining word selection to larger-scale compositional changes like story arc enhancements, Karl excels.”
–SETH LINDBERG, author of Lords of Dyscrasia and Spawn of Dyscrasia
“Karl took my novel right where I wanted it to go. I only wish I had met him before I made some of my movies!”
–TOM CHANEY, author of The Wind Walker, director of Frostbiter, and screenwriter of Mosquito
“Karl’s editing is precise and intelligent. He knows how to deal with the most complex areas of my writing and how to make it more accessible for the audience. His assistance was of great help to my book.”
–EIKO IKEGAMI, author of Bonds of Civility and The Taming of the Samurai, Harvard University Press
“After breezing through four editors on my latest project I handed things off to Karl. He latched right onto my style, got his mind around my content, and took it from there. His work is excellent.”
–STEPHEN ROMANO, author of Zombie, co-writer of Showtime®’s “Incident On and Off a Mountain Road,” and screenwriter of Bubba Nosferatu
“Karl made improvements to our novel in places we never thought to look. We hugely appreciated his thorough care for detail. After seeing The Big Cookie after Karl finished with it, we realized the invaluable importance of having a strong editor.”
–SCOTT DUNN, co-author of The Big Cookie, Grayhouse Publishing
“Karl has a phenomenal ability to organize complex thoughts and make them understandable. His insight into what I wanted to say in Passion Play is perfectly matched by his skill at turning a great phrase.”
–JACK TIPS, author of Passion Play, Apple-A-Day Press, and guest of the Fox Network’s “The Power of Wellness”
“When I was referred to Karl, little did I know that, aside from my novel experiencing an incredibly professional once-over, I’d also be nurtured and inspired as a writer. Karl sees the big picture, not only the details. If you’re lucky enough to have found your way here, get on his waiting list.”
–JERRY EITEL, author of Trail of Light and Hard Money, Llumina Press
“As a neophyte writing my first novel you can imagine how I felt about looking for an editor. Credentials and professionalism mean a lot to me. I don’t lose any of those attributes working with Karl Monger.”
–STAN NEAL, author of Skulker, 1st Books Library
“Every writer needs an editor, and Karl is one of the best. He has a firm hand with a light touch, helping a writer find his voice while keeping a strict eye on consistency, logic, and usage. He helped turn what was a good story into a great story, and I became a better writer in the process.”
–TOM LECOMPTE, author of The Last Sure Thing: The Life & Times of Bobby Riggs, Black Squirrel Publishing, finalist 2004 Best Book category, Independent Press Awards
Karl magnified the good in my novel, and his turn of phrase complimented my style without interfering with my voice. He rooted out mistakes less experienced eyes would miss. After all my toil it was a relief working with a professional who gave the attention my project needed.”
–GARY POWER, author of Fastest Draw
“I appreciated working with Karl not only for his prompt help but also for his expertise in scholarly writing.”
–VALENTINA GLAJAR, translator of Traveling On One Leg, Northwestern University Press (nominated for the 1999 American Translators Association Award) by Herta Müller, awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize for Literature
 “Karl was a delight to work with and has a knack for turning a fuzzy sentee into nice, crisp English.”
–TED BROWNSTEIN, author of Sunshine Republic
 “I’ve been searching for someone with Karl’s editorial talents for years. He has a keen sense of what works and what doesn’t and is very easy to work with.”
–WENDY MACGOWN, author of Big Sister, Little SisterThe Crystal Fishbowl, and Megabyte Rush, Authorhouse
“Karl expended great energy on my manuscript and dramatically improved its English. His command of the language enabled me to communicate these great Chinese wisdoms effectively to an American audience.”
–YUKONG ZHAO, author of The Chinese Secrets of Success
“Sometimes we have to trust someone else with that which means the most to us, and at such a time I was lucky enough to cross paths with Karl Monger. Whatever it meant to him to edit my book, it was a life-changing event for me. For that he has my undying respect.”
–MATTHEW EWALD, author of Human Nature and Plan 9 From Outer Space (novelization)
“Karl was a godsend. He was able to take my jagged manuscript and fashion a book that has won praises from my peers.”
–J. MICHAEL JONES, author of A Kernel in the Pod: The Adventures of a “Midlevel” Clinician in a Top-level World and Historic Warships
 “Karl provided me with valuable and sincere advice, as well as guidance. It is a pleasure to work with someone so efficient and professional.”
–E.T. BEATY, author of Rangur, 1st Books Library
“We have been working with Mr. Karl Monger on a very complex and tedious job; we are impressed with his patience, attention to detail, and ability to keep the overall perspective of the work prominent in his style of corrections. Obviously, we are glad to have him edit our work.”
–SARFARAZ K NIAZI, translator of Love Sonnets of Ghalib, Rupa & Co.
“I gave Karl a book that I thought was decently edited… but it wasn’t. He obviously read every word — twice — and found a thousand mistakes I’d missed.”
–ANDREW COTTON, author of It’s Not Fun: Life Below the Radar of the PGA Tour
“I am pleased and delighted with Karl’s work. Without interfering with my writing style, he suggested wonderful descriptive language and pointed out problem areas. I will be handing over my second work without hesitation and look forward to his input.”
–RAY SELF, author of The Wicked Current, Buffalo Mill Press
“Karl has a unique way of capturing and maintaining the writer’s voice while taking the story to a higher level. Working with him has been a true pleasure and a very rewarding experience. I look forward to working with Karl on my next manuscript.”
–ALFRED ZIMMERMAN, author of Child in a Sandbox, Dog Ear Publishing
“Under the constraints of a quick turnaround, Karl handled my last project with a patient, watchful eye without interfering with the integrity of the story or the author’s vision/tone. I recommend him to anyone preparing a manuscript for publication.”
–DAVE CUNNINGHAM, author of A Trip To The Inn and Shitwood, Americana Books
“Karl Monger has a unique gift: he takes already polished manuscripts and enhances the text in a way that brings new life to your prose and extra delight to your reader.”
–JAMES P. KUEHNIS, author of The 5 Gifts of Greatness, Candlelight Press
“Karl dispenses excellent literary advice. In clear, succinct, and kind language, he revealed my book’s shortcomings. He also has a talent, perhaps one could even call it a gift, for offering insightful and detailed possibilities on how to turn a mere tale into a compelling story.”
–SAM WESTERN, author of Pushed off the Mountain, Sold Down the River: Wyoming’s Search for Its Soul, Homestead Publishing, and Canyons and correspondent to the Economist of London
“Gifted with wit, literary skill and sharp intelligence, Karl clearly understands the subtleties that inform good literature on a sentence level. His input on my manuscript in progress helped me smooth the work’s rough edges and highlight the energy that, up to that point, had lay buried.”
–SABINE HEINLEIN, author of Among Murderers
“Karl’s editorial guidance made my book first a reality, and then a success. I have only one piece of advice for you: Hire him.”
–MARY ABBAMONTE, author of Wizardry 101